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GRS is the result of the union of experienced executives of Spanish companies specialized in the utilities and construction sectors .

Its goal is to offer the opportunity to invest in solar photovoltaic plants providing all necessary services for individuals , corporations and investment fund, to identify , validate , finance , execute and operate solar photovoltaic projects .

GRS, always ensures the best return on their investment, thanks to its integrated project planning, EPC , quality control , monitoring and O&M (operation and maintenance) .

In short, GRS is a specialist construction company focused on renewable energy projects.

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GRS is a downstream vertically integrated company, present in all activities in the PV solar plant value chain (with the exception of wafer and module manufacturing). This integration allows GRS to provide a full range of highly competitive services from complete turnkey project solutions, to EPC contracting, design, engineering and testing, and even our own in-house component design and manufacturing capability.

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GRS solar plants and project development

Project development

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GRS' engineering, procurement and construction

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

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GRS' solar installations operation and maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

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GRS is a specialist construction company focused on renewable energy projects.

We provide our clients with bankable, internationally competitive solutions to source, validate, finance, execute and operate investment opportunities. Read more >