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With over 40 PV solar plants installed or under construction using fixed base, single and multiple axis tracker systems, roof-tops and even reclaimed land sites, Gransolar’s project portfolio is diverse and extensive. As the investment climate evolves and component prices drop, our Business Development Team is continually looking for new opportunities.


Gransolar’s international expansion follows a simple but proven formula: collaborate with a local partner that can provide political and logistical support in the region as well as solutions for development issues.

In each market that Gransolar enters to develop PV solar projects or to offer EPC, they are supported by an established leading contractor or development company that complements their own skill set.


Each PV solar project has a set of parameters unique to its location, budget and expectation.

From varying land cost and availability, solar resources, economic subsidies, technological constraints or requirements and investor risk and expectation profiles, Gransolar can provide the optimum solution to maximize your investment.


Grupo Gransolar is currently carrying out wind speed and climatic conditions monitoring measurements at two sites in central Chile with a view to developing a wind power plant of up to 5 MW.

Gransolar. windmills.ChilejpgThe project, which started in November 2010, is part of the Group’s diversification strategy that includes project studies in Biomass and Hydro.


“The Holy Grail of grid parity for renewable energy power plants is not just about waiting for module and component prices to fall sufficiently, or for conventional fuel prices to escalate. 

It is a question of finding the optimum solution for power generation taking into account local regulatory, legal, financial and geographical conditions, and applying the most appropriate technology and construction practices.

This is what Gransolar does and in some circumstances we are already at grid parity.”

Iván Higueras
Grupo Gransolar