Gransolar. Renewable Energy. Proyect Pipeline

As the markets which have been the foundations of Gransolar’s success to date, Spain and Italy, conclude their expansion cycle the company is looking to new opportunities, both in Europe and farther afield to provide growth over the coming years. In addition, Gransolar’s diversification strategy which includes project studies in Wind, Biomass and Hydro, follows their guiding principal to provide the most appropriate solution for each location and set of conditions.


Grupo Gransolar, together with its international partner ACS Cobra, was selected as the EPC and O&M contractor for two 75 MWDC photovoltaic power plants to be built under the first round of the government’s IPP Purchasing Programme. An additional contract for an 88 MWDC PV power plant won in the second round mean that Gransolar will build and operate over 230MWDC making it one of the largest EPC contractors for PV in South Africa and the largest Operation and Maintenance provider in the country.

CHILE | 25 MW 

Grupo Gransolar is currently carrying out wind speed and climatic conditions monitoring measurements at two sites in central Chile with a view to developing a wind power plant of up to 5 MW. The project, which has been under study since November 2010, is part of the Group’s diversification strategy that includes project studies in Biomass and Hydro, and at the same time follows the company’s guiding principal to provide the most appropriate solution for each location and set of conditions.

ITALY | 10 MW 

GransolarGhella will bring an additional 10 MW of capacity online to complement the 60 MW it has already installed, making Italy the most important country in the company’s portfolio. The market is expected to cool going forward but, like Spain, will reactivate as production prices fall.


With the incorporation of Gransolar Bulgaria, the company has made clear its intentions for this emerging PV solar market. The first 500kW plant is in operation with an additional 5 MW projected.


Gransolar and its Portuguese partners have signed their first leasehold commitment to build a 6,0 MW PV solar plant in Coruche, near Lisbon. The project will be developed over the next two years and occupy an area of around 25 hectares. This initiative forms part of a larger 18 MW development which will be constructed by Gransolar under an EPC contract.