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EPC. Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Photovoltaic power projects

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GRS ENGINEERS CAN ASSIST the investor/developer when selecting the land, technological components, modules, inverters, structures and materials most appropriate to a specific project, all at highly competitive rates. They provide a full end-to-end service package and guarantee the performance ratio of the plant.


As GRS can draw upon its own laboratory and engineering services, it can offer the client various configuration options and assist them in identifying the best solution. Based on previous experience they can additionally prepare all the necessary documentation to obtain project financing.

The production monitoring and Operation and Maintenance services that GRS provides for its own plants and to third parties give constant feedback to the EPC services department so that they can continually improve material and component selection and utilization, reducing costs and improving production.

Gransolar-solar PV power plantsWhere land is limited or prohibitively costly, PV capacity can be incorporated into a variety of roof structures from small single home installations to large scale industrial plants.

Depending on the capacity of the installation and the available space, GRS can offer totally integrated solutions or options oriented towards maximizing the solar resources and providing the best return on your investment.

Given the increasing interest in the integration of roof-top systems, particularly in urban and industrialised locations, GRS has a department (BIPV) solely dedicated to the design and development of this type of installation, applying the latest technology and configurations.