Building the energy

of the future

Solar Plants by GRS worldwide

94 PV plants

GRS international presence

17 countries
in 5 continents

GRS CO2 avoided to the atmosphere

1.4 million tonnes
of CO2 avoided

International experience

GRS is a company specialized in the construction of solar PV plants and their connection to the grid, with great international projection and operating in the five continents. With more than 13 years of experience and 94 plants operating worldwide, our services and solutions guarantee the viability of any installation. Recently, we have reached 1 GW of installed power all over the world, and we are developing projects with which we will add 1 GW more by mid 2020. Our business strategy, which consists in developing, building and operating small and large scale projects, adapting to different needs, has allowed us to reach a level of excellence to continue growing as one of the leading international EPC constructors.

Juan Pedro Alonso CEO of GRS
GRS offices around the world