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O&M – Operation and Maintenance services for PV solar plants

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GRS provides full Operation and Maintenance services for the entire life-cycle of both its own PV solar plants as well as for third parties. These services include remote monitoring and control, on-site inspections, and preventive and corrective interventions. All O&M tasks are carried out by fully qualified and highly experienced personnel ensuring that the investor or client can be confident that their plant is operating under optimal conditions.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]GRS PROVIDES A FULL RANGE of operation and maintenance services for all the plants that they have installed.

These services include:

  • Remote monitoring & control of PV solar parks to ensure correct operation of every installation, analyze the energy production and yield, and detect potential failures.
  • On-site inspections & periodic checks of PV installations by a qualified team of technicians to maintain the highest possible levels of yield and availability.
  • Preventive maintenance of main equipment (PV modules, inverters, transformers, support structures and trackers) according to manufacturers’ recommendations and industry standards.
  • PV plant failures attendance and corrective maintenance.

The Remote Operation Center of GRS (which monitors and controls PV parks located in Spain) is centralized in Almería.

The Remote Operation Centre of GRS-Ghella is located in Rome.

These operation centers operate all year long analyzing monitoring data, receiving production alarms and managing all related work orders with the maintenance teams.

Data received from inverters, energy meters, SCADA systems, weather stations and tracking systems are all stored in a centralized database.

Maintenance teams are formed by qualified technicians with experience in operations & maintenance of PV solar parks. Their main tasks consist of:

  • Managing work orders and completing maintenance reports.
  • Prioritizing maintenance tasks according to work order classifications (urgent or not urgent).
  • On-site periodic visits to PV installations to check their state and function.
  • Visual and thermo-graphic inspections to prevent future failures.
  • Electrical measurements and checks of inverters parameters.
  • Checking security systems.

GRS O&M departments are constantly revising and improving the services that they provide thanks to the quality control and monitoring feed-back that they receive from the laboratory and research.

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