AUARA - Día Mundial del Agua

March 22th is World Water Day, a day in which we support AUARA’s initiatives.

Today is World Water Day, an annual event that focuses attention on the importance of universal access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in developing countries. It has been celebrated every year since 1993, after it was designated by the United Nations. On a day like this, we can’t forget that more than 700 million people in the world lack drinking water in their daily lives, nor that more than a thousand children die each day because of illnesses related to consuming water in bad condition.

For such an important date, Auara proposes a challenge that has already become a tradition: to upload photographs with a bottle of Auara water, to raise awareness about this subject and to promote the consumption of this special water. It is a Spanish social company that uses all the money it generates to bring clean and healthy water to areas where it is difficult to obtain, and has funded projects in Africa, America and Asia. At the Grupo Gransolar offices we drink AUARA bottled water, because we want to help to make it possible that water of the same quality reaches the people who need it most.

World Water Day at Grupo Gransolar

Today we want to join the AUARA campaign, and we have taken some photographs of our workers posing with AUARA bottles at our Alcobendas (Madrid) offices.

AUARA is part of our daily life.


We have bottles everywhere.


AUARA - Gransolar

At one of our meeting rooms.


We also drink AUARA at home.


And even to feel better after doing sport.


AUARA does very important work that improve the lives of many people on a daily basis, and we encourage everybody to drink their water to make their projects possible. As part of its social responsability policy, Grupo Gransolar will continue to support AUARA, and many other initiatives that contribute to help the disadvantaged.