Commissioning and grid connection

of photovoltaic plants


Technical assistance during the Commissioning and Quality Control phase of Photovoltaic Projects is essential to achieve safe and efficient energisation and power generation of the PV Plant. As well as to minimise the period between energisation and the start of operation of the PV plant.

The commissioning work consists of inspections and verifications on the main systems both in the phase prior to the energisation (Cold Commissioning) and in the subsequent phase with the objective that the generation reaches the performance of the PV plant as soon as possible (Hot Commissioning).

At GRS we offer a service:

  • Complete and personalised in all areas of the project.
  • Within the timeframe established with the Project, with experience in pressure situations.
  • With qualified and experienced staff in different countries (Italy, South Africa, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Philippines, Mauritius, UAE, Spain, Portugal, Australia).
  • Adapted to the requirements of different technologies (fixed structure, solar trackers, central inverters, string inverters, single-facial modules, glass-glasss modules; bifacial modules).
  • Committed to the Client’s objective.
  • High-quality, customer satisfaction monitoring.

We have qualified personnel

Our team is made up of qualified personnel with extensive experience in photovoltaic projects. An experience gained by working in different continents, with different technologies over the years. We have adapted to the evolution of the sector to continue providing a quality service.

Within the team we have personnel with basic qualifications in the development of our work (engineers, electrical and mechanical technicians), but also with specific qualifications to develop our activities such as RPAS system operators accredited by the State Aviation Safety Agency, or certified level 1 thermographers.

Our commissioning work is fundamentally framed within the framework of the  IEC 62446 standard. In such a way that we guarantee that the requirements for the correct operation and performance of the installations that make up the PV plant are met. In addition to this reference standard, we work on quality inspections based on the IEC 61215 standard. All this under the quality standard ISO 9001.


We have an advanced implementation system for acquiring geospatial data using drones. To do so, we have a team of highly qualified professionals accredited by the State Aviation Safety Agency.

In addition, we are registered as operators of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). Performing:


We carry out different activities related to the commissioning of the PV plant:

Cold and Hot Commissioning Verifications.

  • Within the framework established by the IEC 62446 standard, through which the correct installation of the equipment, its correct operation and performance is checked.
  • Cold Commissioning:
    • Visual inspection of mechanical and electrical installations.
    • Electrical verifications and measurements in DC and AC systems.
    • PV module power measurement and curves IV.
  • Hot Commissioning:
    • Thermographic inspection of electrical connections and photovoltaic modules.
    • Support in availability testing.
    • Verification and calculation in Performance Ratio tests.
  • Documentation for verifications during Commissioning.
  • Evaluation of production.

Energisation and start-up of the plant.

  • Realisation or supervision of the energisation plan.
  • Coordination and support to the different systems to successfully achieve the energisation of the equipment and the PV Plant.

Preparation of estimates for commissioning work for tenders.

  • Estimated staffing and qualification requirements.
  • Estimation and selection of measuring equipment.
  • Determination of work programmes.

Supervision during the Construction, Quality and Commissioning phase.

  • Supervision/Coordination of work teams and subcontractors.
  • Verificaciones de calidad: estructura y módulos fotovoltaicos.
  • Documentation for verifications during construction (PPIs).

Technical advice on EPC contracts and property engineering.

  • Contract analysis: scopes, acceptance criteria.
  • Analysis of the Commissioning Plan: organisation chart, procedures, reports and work programmes.

Technical assistance and consultancy in public and private tenders.

  • Selection of contractors.
  • Define RFP for the selection of contractors, detailing the technical and economic characteristics of the offers.
  • Evaluation of proposals received and ranking of potential contractors.
  • Technical inspection in due diligence.
  • Assistance in the preparation of term sheets.
  • Definition of detailed scope of works and technical annexes.