Projeto Casa Da Criança

Projeto Casa Da Criança is a Brazilian NGO that supports children rights

After the closure due to relocation of a Grupo Gransolar office in Recife (Brazil), a NGO that works with children will profit from its furniture.

As part of the Corporate Social Policy of Grupo Gransolar, we contribute to the development of those places where the construction of photovoltaic plants takes us, especially if we can help children. After closing our Recife office to move its part of business to São Paulo, we have taken the opportunity to give the furniture of the former to a good cause. The furniture has been donated to the Brazilian NGO Projeto Casa Da Criança, which has its headquarters in the same city of Recife, in northeastern Brazil.

Projeto Casa Da Criança (which could be translated as “Project Child’s House”) was founded in 1999 by architects Patricia Chalaça and Marcelo Souza Leão in Recife. Since then, this NGO has grown greatly, and nowadays they are present in 15 Brazilian states, plus the federal district. Projeto Casa Da Criança looks after more than 200,000 children and teenagers, in projects such as the remodelling of social buildings, nursery schools, child cancer care, and many others.

The furniture donated by Gransolar

Mrs. Patricia Chalaça, Head of this Institution, thanked us greatly for this donation, which includes the following items:

  • 4 wardrobes
  • 4 desk chairs
  • 3 chests of drawers
  • 1 meeting table
  • 2 rectangular tables
  • 1 round table
  • 1 credenza sideboard
  • 4 work station desks
  • 2 high wardrobes
  • 1 table with outlets
  • 8 chairs with armrest

We hope all this furniture is useful to the NGO and to the children and teenagers who use their facilities. It is our intention to continue working directly with local institutions, and to contribute to the development of less favoured areas.