Promotion and Development

of PV and BESS projects

GRS ongoing solar projects 2020


From the Project Promotion & Development Area, we combine our experience in the sector with a powerful technical competence and a wide knowledge in functional models and in the commercialization of energy, with different mechanisms such as PPA, Merchand, Feed in Tariffs and Derivatives, which allow us to estimate with a high degree of reliability the expected income.

GRS currently has a portfolio of PV and BESS projects in development of more than 3.8GW, distributed with different degrees of progress and distributed around the world with projects in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, USA and Italy.


GRS adds value by adapting efficient solutions to each individual project, securing government approvals, negotiating economic partnership agreements and driving project financing to financial closure.

In order to have greater control, and therefore a better result, GRS only develops its own projects, either greenfield or brownfield, in those geographies in which it has a physical presence.

We actively participate in all stages of project development:

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We acquire photovoltaic projects at different stages of development, greenfield, brownfield or ready-to-build.

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