GRS carbon footprint

GRS, in line with its firm goal of fighting against global climate change and strengthening its environmental commitment, has successfully registered its carbon footprint in the section of Carbon Footprint and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, assigned by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

This certificate certifies the veracity of the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions emitted directly or indirectly through the activity we develop, under the commitment to continue managing our photovoltaic projects in an efficient and sustainable manner.

In accordance with our objective of contributing to the European Green Pact, on the road to a climate-neutral and resource-efficient transformation, we continue to play an important role in the global fight against climate change. At GRS, we believe in the integration of carbon management in every project as the main key to moving towards a carbon neutral economy by 2050. It is important to highlight that GRS has avoided 1.6 million tons of CO2.

The following data supports our carbon footprint:

  • Year of calculation 2020.
  • Scope 1 + 2.
  • Limits of the organization in the calculation include the construction management activities of solar photovoltaic installations developed at its two sites in Alcobendas (Madrid) and Almería.

“From GRS we want to emphasize the benefits of energy efficiency, which result in a greater well-being for citizens, increased security, and a benefit to the environment with a significant cut in CO2 emissions. The carbon footprint is another example of our firm contribution to global decarbonisation through our projects”, says Jordi Vega, our Chief Operating Officer.

The carbon footprint registered in the Carbon Footprint Registry, offsetting and carbon dioxide absorption projects, reflect our solid environmental responsibility which is developed through constant initiatives that seek to implement and improve energy efficiency. In addition, the seal we received distinguishes us among the organizations that calculate their carbon footprint in a transparent way to reduce their emissions.