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Gransolar, Photovoltaic power projects. Services

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Gransolar is a downstream vertically integrated company, present in all activities in the PV solar plant value chain (with the exception of wafer and module manufacturing). This integration allows Gransolar to provide a full range of highly competitive services from complete turnkey project solutions, to EPC contracting, design, engineering and testing (Ingenia), and even our own in-house component design and manufacturing capability (PV Hardware).

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BIPVProject development. Gransolar’s success in the area of origination and development is based upon the combination of business experience, technical expertise, commercial capillarity and a strong network of local capacities. Gransolar takes development risk as a lead or co-lead developer. Read more >

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epc-construction-picGransolar can provide a full range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for PV solar projects in any part of the world thanks to our team of highly qualified engineers and professionals. Experience has taught us that diligent project development and meticulous execution of the works can produce significant percentage gains in the productivity of the plant and higher returns for the investor. Read more >

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GRSOYMGransolar provides full Operation and Maintenance services for the entire life-cycle of both its own PV solar plants as well as for third parties. These services include remote monitoring and control, on-site inspections, and preventive and corrective interventions. All O&M tasks are carried out by fully qualified and highly experienced personnel ensuring that the investor or client can be confident that their plant is operating under optimal conditions. Read more >

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ISEEngineering. Ingenia Solar Energy (ISE) is a consulting and engineering company specialising in photovoltaic projects. They have extensive experience as technical advisors to both developers and financial institutions and their own independent laboratory specializes in quality control… Read more >

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PVHTrackers & Scada System. PV Hardware is a provider of innovative solar hardware designs, engineered by industry professionals, with over 140 MW’s of actual field installations, spanning three continents, and dating back to 2006. The entire product line was developed for lowest total cost… Read more >