School visits GRS PV plant Coruche

One of our main maxims is to contribute to the education of all citizens in a sustainable and efficient use of energy. In line with this vision, and following our principles of corporate social responsibility, we received an exciting visit last week. About 25 children from the Dr. Armando Lizardo Elementary School visited our plant in Coruche, Portugal, to learn about the need to promote renewable energy so that future generations can live on a healthy planet.

In that sense, the fact of approaching these new generations to explain why a change in the use of electricity is necessary, has allowed us to understand to how crucial it is for companies in the sector  to contribute to their education. During the visit, the children were able to listen to the explanations that our colleague Vitor Matos gave about the operation of the PV installation (6 MWp), as well as discover what advantages solar photovoltaics has over other types of renewable energy and receive a small gift for them to write their ideas on how to use solar energy to produce electricity for their homes.

For years, GRS has maintained a strong commitment to schools and institutions to encourage this type of activity, undoubtedly enriching for all involved. In this case, the children of the Dr. Armando Lizardo Elementary School enjoyed the visit and learned the cycles of photovoltaic solar energy, but there are numerous possibilities to help them ensure a more efficient, sustainable and, above all, health-conscious world.