IS-31 plant

Aerial photo of the plant finished

On the 30th, we obtained the COD (Commercial Operation Date) at the IS-31 plant in Bladenboro, North Carolina (USA).

In order to do this, all the inverters of the plant had to be started up and they had to reach 20% of the nominal power of the plant.
As relevant data say:

  • It is the largest solar plant that GRS has built to date, without partners. The plant has 43.12 MWdc and has 127,560 modules, 35 inverters of 1 MW and single-axis tracker.
  • More tan 1600 Monoline trackers have been installed.
  • The construction began on october 2016.
  • An average of 90 electricians have been working every day duing the last three weeks to achieve the boundary post.
  • 13 people from Spain have moved to the plant to help with the start-up and the commissioning in the last two weeks.
  • During the next 3 weeks, all trackers will be set up and the pre-delivery tests will be completed.

Photo of the substation on the same day of the connection