grasolar-pv-plants-CorucheGransolar and local partners, announce the start-up of the 3 PV Plants in Portugal with a total power peak installed of 12,9 MWp, in the region of Coruche, Lisbon and Santo Varao.

The Projects were awarded to Gransolar by Portuguese Government, inside the National Energy Strategy 2020 (ENE 2020), which reinforces the national bet on renewable energy as a generator of economic growth, job creation, reduced external dependency and increased supply safety.

The plants consist of approximately 42.894 crystalline silicon solar panels on single-axis trackers, with a total nominal capacity of 12 Megawatts (MW). It is targeted to inject over 11.500 Megawatt-hours (MWh) into the national grid each year, corresponding to the average energy consumption of roughly 22,000 households.