GRS La Laguna Mexico PV plant

A hundred visitors, authorities and public representatives attend the inauguration of the solar plant Energía Limpia de La Laguna.

So far in 2019, investment in photovoltaic solar energy has grown 20% in Latin America, finding in Mexico the country that most and best drives this type of renewable energy. Along these lines, the North American country continues to be one of the territories in which we have been most successful in recent years, signing five contracts and with a view to a promising future with more projects and innovations. Our objective is to lead the sector of the EPCs as the main reference, which helps, without any doubt, that each and every one of the parts of any project fold towards our facilities, as has happened in Durango, No less than a hundred people attended the inauguration of Energía Limpia de La Laguna PV plant, second project with Balam Fund after the Camargo plant and with a capacity of 35.49 MWp of installed power that will provide electricity to approximately 25,000 homes.

The act was attended by the Governor of Durango, José Rosas Aispuro, and the Municipal President, José Ramón Enríquez Herrera, who stressed that the presence of companies like ours “poses a promising future for the benefit of citizens“. As photovoltaic solar energy is the cheapest energy to produce and one of the least polluting, it is of great importance that our facilities contribute, under the umbrella of flexibility, efficiency and sustainability, to the good health of the planet. In fact, the more than 108,000 photovoltaic modules installed will represent a great advance for Mexican society, as it’s expected that the energy produced by Energía Limpia de La Laguna PV plant will avoid the emission of 50.000 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere, equivalent to the emission of almost 9,500 cars.

The growth of photovoltaic solar energy in Mexico is due, as our Country Manager, Francisco García García, said in an interview with Mexico Energy Review, “to the industrial progress they are experiencing, which will allow them to reach the goal they have set for 2024: that 35% of the energy produced is clean“. An information that corroborates what he already told in his article for IOS Offices last December. In it, he showed the good times that photovoltaic projects are living in Mexico thanks to “endless initiatives” thanks to”the excellent possibilities offered by this territory“. Whithout a doubt, the North American country is one of the main focuses of attraction for companies like ours, interested in business opportunities that allow us to continue building the energy of the future.