GRS receives the Australian Federal Safety Commissioner Accreditation

Ensuring the safety, security and health of our employees on site and offices is a major priority. Our work environment rigorously follows the international work standards based on efforts that allow us to constantly adapt to the different world markets and to the technological changes in the renewable sector. In that way, we have recently received the accreditation under the Australian Federal Safety Commissioner’s Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme which gives GRS Australia officers and clients confidence that they are looking after the health and safety of GRS workers to the highest degree possible.

Since Australian Federal Government funding rules demand FSC accreditation for construction projects they provide funding for, GRS may now undertake federal government funded construction projects directly or may act as principal construction contractors for clients who are recipients of federal government funding.

Our experience in the oceanic country where we have a track record of more than 750 MW awarded in seven projects, together with our professionalism and the resources allocated lead us to generate more and more confidence among customers and investors. GRS´s solar farms such as Goonumbla and Blue Grass have conducted the audits to validate the company as a secure place to work, committed to protecting the health of the workers and anyone who visits our facilities.

“Always the challenge with implementing new management systems is changing the culture within the organization.  In this case, where advancing GRS’s safety culture was the goal, the process was simplified by the fact that the senior management team themselves demonstrated the desired safety behaviors that we are asking the entire team to adopt”, says Jonathan Garton, our WHS Manager in Australia.

Moreover, in line with GRS’s firm commitment to the safety of its employees, Garton points out that “Under the Federal Safety Commissioner’s accreditation scheme, the auditors (“Federal Safety Officers”, FSOs), are independent work health and safety experts who are engaged by the Commissioner.  Whilst this ensures objectivity and avoids a conflict of interest, it makes the audit process very tough for the applicant companies”.

This accreditation has consolidated GRS’s position within Australia’s renewable resources industry as one of the companies most committed to the professional development and safety of their employees.