GRS' Quality projects manager, Miquel Sirera, attending SIMAS talking about renewable energy at Torreon (Mexico)

Miquel Sirera: “Self-consumption is crucial to reverse climate change”

One of GRS’ Quality Project Managers, Miquel Sirera, attended the multitudinous ‘Water for the Future’ conference organised by SIMAS to explain the possibilities of photovoltaic solar energy as a feasible solution for the family economy and local businesses. More than 400 people, most of them students and researchers, showed their interest during the different interventions that took place in the auditorium of the Universidad Iberoamericana in Torreón Coahuila, Mexico. The event, inaugurated by the Mexican mayor Jorge Zermeño, counted with the presence of workers of the public administration of Mexico, as well as businessmen and representatives of the civil society. Aimed at raising awareness throughout the country, but with an emphasis on the cities of the district of La Laguna, the conference focused on the possibilities of renewables to meet the challenge of efficient and sustainable use of water.

Miquel split his speech in two segments. In first place, he posed the problem of climate change by telling some causes as the CO2 emmissions, which produces other effects, like the rise of the pollution in the downtowns. Secondly, he explain what GRS is doing to contribute to solve enviromental issues as those. In Sirera’s words: “The main objective of this type of mechanism is the care of the environment and economic profitability in the medium to long term, generating strategies to stop climate change. Self-consumption is crucial to reverse climate change. The process of converting wastewater into drinking water is one of the issues that are most affecting the dynamics of the region, for some years now pending the various regulations that authorized or restricted the options of making the Francisco Zarco dam drinkable.

In this sense, photovoltaic energy, as pointed out by the Quality Project Manager of GRS, could be one of the great allies for consumers as well as for public institutions, companies and academic centers. The priority, pointed out on several occasions by Mayor Zermeño, continues to be to find a solution to the potabilization of water, but each and every one of the alternatives would be welcome in order to achieve it with the greatest possible profitability for all those involved.

In this way, GRS is demonstrating day by day its committment with enviromental issues, developing and building PV plants and looking forward for new technologies. Indeed, Mexico is the Latin American country in which GRS has built the most, with five contracts and almost 241 MW installed. The energy production of these five PV plants -include one the largest of Mexico, Bluemex Power- could be enough to meet the demand of more than 80.000 homes. This is a huge impact in the daily lifes of the mexican citizens.

During the conference, Margarita Lobato, deputy manager of the National Network for Water Quality Measurement, belonging to the National Water Commission, took the opportunity to explain the actions being carried out today by the relevant authorities; and Salvador Martín, specialist in Hydraulics at SIMAS Torreón, highlighted the responsibility of complying with the regulations. Conferences such as ‘Water for the future’ include a great opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and good practices, as well as to lay the foundations for new strategies that take care of the environment while providing consumers with access to drinking water.