GRS Explanatory presentation

GRS explanatory presentation at Camargo plant

GRS video

Showing video of the construction of the plant that GRS built in the Philippines

Last month, The Camargo plant, received the visit of representatives of the state congress, Professors and students of the Technological University, personnel of the Secretary of Energy and Mining of the state and commissioners of the Solar Energy State Association, all of them, of the state of Chihuahua.

The visit was organized in different phases. The first part consisted of an introductory phase in which the 18 attendees were gathered in a room to give them an explanatory presentation, indicating the characteristics of production, operation, maintenance and monitoring of the Camargo plant.

Then, a video of the construction of a plant was shown (In this case, a video of the plant that GRS built in the Philippines was used), which served to explain and describe the phases of construction of the solar plant.

Finally, we invited the visitors to take a tour through the facilities, that began with the O&M building. Afterwards, we continued with the tour around the plant, where we explained in all moment the operation of the equipment and facilities.

In this last phase, the trackers, meteorological stations, tbox (renewable energy generation system), a power station and finally to end the tour, the substation were shown.